Department of English - A Profile

 The Department of English is one of the oldest departments in the University of Kashmir. Established in 1954, it is recognized both within and outside India for its contribution to English Language and Literature. The department offers the following programmes:

ü  M.A.

ü  M. Phil

ü  Ph.D.

 The mission of the department of English is to offer high quality academic programme to students of English Language and Literature to hone their linguistic, creative and critical abilities. It is driven by the core values of honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, compassion and inclusiveness. The departmental goals are:

ü  To enable students develop a broad range of skills including general communicative competence and sophisticated reading and writing skills

ü  To develop a framework for effective teaching pedagogy for courses in Literature and Language

ü  To enable students hone their critical abilities for the comprehension, appreciation and evaluation of literary texts

ü  To reap the demographic dividend by providing employment to students not only in academic institutions but also other organizations and thereby enhance the academia-industry linkages

ü  To create a conducive atmosphere in the department for faculty, scholars, students and staff and thereby contribute to a healthy work culture for all

ü To redress the grievances of all stakeholders within the department

In meeting these goals, the department has a core faculty of distinguished teachers with an excellent research and teaching record. Committed to sharing their knowledge with their scholars and students, they provide a stimulating environment in the department. The department is cognizant of the continually expanding role of Adjunct Faculty in education and therefore engages the services of such faculty in its teaching-learning processes. In conformity with the time-honoured tradition of engaging visiting faculty to counsel/teach its students and help contribute to its research culture, the department frequently invites faculty from leading institutions within and outside India. The department also has a dedicated supporting staff. Working alongside the Head and faculty, they carry out the day-to-day administrative operations of the department.

Advances in technology especially AIT (Advanced Information Technology) have revolutionized every sphere of academic learning. Language and Literature studies remains no exception to the infinite possibilities that such technological revolution offers. The department has made sure that information technology enabled resources are available in the department. These include:

ü  Computer systems for faculty, scholars, students and staff

ü  Smart Class room

ü  Wi-Fi connection

ü  IT enabled class rooms

The department has a well-equipped library which provides latest and updated reference material, books and journals. The library is fully automated to meet the specific and evolving requirements of the faculty, scholars and students.

In its endeavours to encourage discussions on themes of contemporary relevance, the department invites national/international participations and perceptions by hosting seminars. Such seminars enable the department to strengthen its intellectual networking, encourage new collaborations as well as refresh subject knowledge. In addition to these, workshops are specifically conducted and designed for College teachers to create an English Language teaching and learning platform. Considering the powerful role of translation as a serious academic activity, the department also organizes Translation workshops from time to time. The Department annually publishes a journal, English Studies in India: A Refereed Journal of English Literature and Language which follows the process of peer review system for the evaluation of manuscripts submitted for publication and bears an International Standard Serial Number.




The Department's vision is aligned to the larger vision of the institution. The Department of English is committed to promote excellence in teaching and research and foster a spirit of critical enquiry.