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Integrated Ph.D Syllabus

Integrated Ph.D Syllabus

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Syllabus PGDSE

Syllabus PGDSE

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Beginning of Research in the Department and Change in Syllabus

1.1.2 Minutes of the Board of Studies Meetings from 2013-18

2.4 Contractual Teachers in the Dept and their Details

2.5.1 Commencement of Exams Held from 2012-2018

3.1.3Tasleem Postdooctorate Certificate

 3.1.3  UGC Raman Postdoc Tasleem

3.1.3 Mufti Mudasir's Postdoc Certificate

3.1.4 JRF1

3.1.4 JRF2

3.1.4 JRF3

3.1.4 JRF4

3.1.4 JRF5

3.4.4 Number of Ph.Ds awarded from 2013-18 Guideship Certificate Guideship Certificate 1

5.1.2 Scholarships awarded to students from 2013-18

5.1.2 Scholarships awarded to  students from 2013-18 (a)

5.2.1 Placement of passout students

5.2.2 Scholars who progressed from PG to M.Phil

5.2.2 Scholars who progressed from M.Phil to Ph.D

5.2.2 Scholars who progressed from PG to Ph.D

6.3.2 Orders of Deputation

6.4.2 Teachers who attended the orientation programs, refresher courses, short term courses etc from 2013-18 Prof. Hameeda

6.4.2 Teachers who attended....Dr Nusrat

6.4.2. Teachers who attended...Dr Iffat

6.4.2 Teachers who attended ...Dr Mudasir

6.4.2 Teachers who attended...Dr Mudasir 1

6.4.2 Teachers who attended....Dr Tasleem

6.4.2 Teachers who attended.....Dr Tasleem

List of Registered Ph.D Research Scholars with Details