Seminars, Conferences and Workshops organized by the

Dept of English



1.  Literary Translation: Problems and Prospects [23-25 March 2001]   

 2.      Creative Literature and Determinism [24-26 March 2003]

 3.      Postmodernism: Language and Literature [24-26 August 2004]

 4.      Postcolonial Studies: Issues and Challenges [26-28 September 2005]

 5.      Politics of Language and Literature [4-6 September 2006]

6.      The Impact of Cultural Globalization on Language and Literature Studies in India   

        [3-5 September 2007]

7.      Cultural Studies and Literary Discourse [16-18 March 2009]

8.      Postcolonial Theory and Literature: Changing Perspectives and Trends [20-22 October 2009]


9.      English Language and Literature in India: issues in Policy, Pedagogy and Research [14-16 March 2011


 10.  ELT-Workshops held, in collaboration with Cambridge University Press, for college/Higher Secondary teachers [40-50 teachers]


      I.            2-Day Grammar Workshop [4-5 August 2003]


      II.            3-Day Workshop on Speaking [20-22 September 2004]


      III.            3-Day ELT Workshop [25-27 August 2005]


      IV.            3-Day Workshop on Listening and Speaking 130 Aug-1 Sep 2006]


       V.            3-Day Workshop on Developing Accuracy in Speech [21-23 August 2007]


       VI.            3-Day ELT Workshop 120-22 November 2008]


      VII.            3-Day ELT Workshop [12-14 September 2009]



          Translating Post-Independence Kashmiri Poetry [23-26 March 2002]



National Seminar on “Women's Writing: Language, Literature and Theory”

21-23 March 2012



Three-day National Seminar on Literature and Ethics: Paradigms and Practice from 18th to 20th March, 2013.

Three-day Workshop on New Pedagogical Methods vis-a-vis English Grammar from

3rd September to 5th September, 2013.



  The Department held a Three Day National Seminar on Literature and the Sacred: Legacies, Issues and Path Ahead in the month of March from 17-19 March 2014.



Organised national seminars entitled Agha Shahid Ali: Tradition and Modernity. Sponsored by Dept of English, K U, 23-03-2015 to 25-03-2015

Organised national seminars entitled Revisitng Literary Classics in the Postmodern Secular World. Sponsored by Dept of English, K U, 21-10-2015 to 22-10-2015

Organised national workshops entitled ELT Workshop. Sponsored by Dept of English, K U in collaboration with Cambridge University Press, 01-12-2015 to 02-12-2015


Organised national workshops entitled Three Day Seminar/Workshop on Translation of Vernaculars into English. Sponsored by Department of English, 23-03-2016 to 25-03-2016


Organised national seminars entitled Historiographic Metafiction: Problematizing History and Redefining Fiction. Sponsored by Department of English University of Kashmir, 20-04-2017 to 22-04-


3 Day International Seminar on Literature and Environment The Promise of Ecological Criticism  conducted by the Dept. of English, University of Kashmir from 26 March 2018 - 28 March 2018.

3 Day Worskhop conducted by the Dept. in collaboration with Cambridge University Press from 24-26 September 2018, on "Evaluation of English Language Skills and Using Technology in Learning and Classroom Teaching".


3-day International Seminar on Literature and Trauma Studies: Theory, Narrative and Representation from 26-28 March 2019

Publications of the Faculty

Major Research Project granted to Dr Mufti Mudasir by ICSSR in 2016 on Translation of Mahmud Gami's Poetry

Minor Research Project granted to Dr.Tasleem Ahmad War by UGC in 2013 on Translation of 20 Short Stories from Kashmiri to English

Postdoctoral Fellowship granted to Dr Mufti Mudasir in 2012-13 at Freie University, Berlin, Germany

One Month Postdoctoral Fellowship granted to Dr.Tasleem Ahmad War by OUCIP, Hyderabad, in 2012

UGC-Raman Postdoctoral Fellowship granted to Dr Tasleem Ahmad War, at Rice Unviersity, Houston, U.S.A in 2013-14

Prominent Academicians/Scientists/Personalities Who have Visited the Department

Placement of passout students

Workshops/Refresher Courses/Orientation Programmes attended by Professor Hameeda from 2012-2018

Workshops/Refresher Courses/Orientation Programmes attended by Professor Lily Want from 2012-2018

Workshops/Refresher Courses/Orientation Programmes attended by Dr Nusrat from 2012-2018

Workshops/Refresher Courses/Orientation Programmes attended by Dr Iffat from 2012-2018

Workshops/Refresher Courses/Orientation Programmes attended by Dr Mufti Mudasir from 2012-2018

Workshops/Refresher Courses/Orientation Programmes attended by Dr Tasleem Ahmad War from 2012-2018

Minutes of the Meeting held in the Department of English on 29-06-2019

Organised international webinar entitled International webinar on "Re-Imagining the Real: Literary Responses to Pandemic. Sponsored by University of Kashmir, 23-08-2021 to 25-08-2021

Series of Online Lectures in 2021

1. An online lecture by Professor Radha Chakravarty on "South Asia, Women Writers and Translation" on 19-03-21.

2. Ian Almond, Professor of World Literature, Georgetown University, Qatar delivered an online lecture on "Mysticism and the Political" on 26th May 2021

3. Manpreet Kang, Professor of English, Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi delivered an online lecture on "Current Debates in Gender Studies" on 21 June

4. Professor Gauri Viswanathan, Department of English & Comparative Literature, Columbia University delivered an online lecture on July 7, 8 PM, on the topic, "Blavatskys Great Game: Secrecy, Surveillance and Empire"

5. Professor Privamvada Gopal, University of Cambridge, UK delivered an online lecture on 18 August, 4:30 PM, on the topic, "The Subject of Decolonization: Literary-Historical Insights"

6. Dr Ovidiu Matiu, Head of Anglo-American and Germanic Department, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania, delivered an online lecture on "New and Neo Immigrant Writing in the Twentieth-Century American Writing" on 21 September 2021.

 7. Sarovar Zaidi, Assistant Professor, Jindal School of Art and Architecture, O.P. Jindal Global University, delivered an online lecture on "The Politics of Horizons" on 15 November 2021

8. Professor Sunil Sharma, Department of World Languages &Literatures, Boston University delivered an online lecture on the topic "Finding a Voice: Early Travel Writing by Women In the Middle East and India" on 6 December

Organised national workshops entitled Two Day Workshop on Research Methodology. Sponsored by Department of English, University of Kashmir, 10-05-2022 to 11-05-2022

Organised national workshops entitled Three Day Online Workshop on Memory Studies. Sponsored by Collaboration with Centre for memory Studies, IIt Madras , & supported by DIQA, University of Kashmir, 18-07-2022 to 20-07-2022

Series of Online lectues in 2022

1. Online Lecture by Professor Craig Brandist, Professor of Cultural theory and Intellectual history, University of Sheffield, UK, on "The Bakhtin Circle and the East: Rethinking Bakhtinian Ideas outside Europe"on 25 March, 2022.

2. Online Lecture by Professor S Anandhi, madras Institute of Develoopmet Studies, Chennai, on "Precarious Labour: Caste and Gender in Contemporary India" on 9 April, 2022.

3. Offline Extension Lecture by Dr Idrisa pandit, Associate Faculty at Luther University College, Wilfred laurier University, Canada, on "Gendered orientalism: A Perspective" on 21 June, 2022.

4. Online Lecture by Professor Cathy Caruth, Department of Literatures in English and Department of Comparatvie Literature, Cornell University, on "Parting Touch: Testifying between Life and Death in the Pandemic" on 24 June, 2022.

5. Online Lecture by Brian Leung, Creative Writer & professor of English Purdue University, on "The Four Seasons of Storytelling and the Proper Attire for Each" on 10 August, 2022.

6. Online Lecture by Professor Mehr Afshan Farooqi, Department of Middle Eastern and South Asian languages and Literatures, University of Virginia, on "A Dust Storm of hearts: Thinking with Mirza Ghalib" on 19 September, 2022.

7. Offline Extension Lecture by Vinita Bakshi, writer and Social Activist, on "Is Fiction Dying" on 11 November, 2022. 

8.. Onlien Lecture by professor Ayesha Jalal, Mary Richardson Professor of History Tufts University, on "Understanding manto: His Life, Time and Work", on 18 November, 2022.

9. Offline Extension Lecture by Dr. Siddhartha Chakraborthi, Aligarh Muslim University, on "Digital Literature" on 21 December, 2022. 

10.  Know the 2022 Nobel Laureates ( An offline lecture on Annie Ernaux, Recipient of Nobel Prize in Literature, 2022, by guest Speaker Dr. Siddhartha Chakraborthi, Aligarch Muslim University, on 22 December, 2022.

Associateship granted to Dr. Tasleem Ahmad War, by IIAS, Shimla for a period of three years. (2022-2025)