Established in 1954, the department of English is one of the premier departments of the University of Kashmir. The department of English has a long tradition of excellence. It has produced some of the best scholars and researchers through its steadfast commitment and devotion to academic values. To strengthen teaching and research in English Studies, the department revises the curriculum and initiates necessary changes in teaching, learning processes and evaluation practices at regular intervals. All this necessarily helps the department to remain in tune with current trends at the national and international levels. Studying literature here involves helping students develop sophisticated reading and writing skills besides enabling them hone their critical processes for the comprehension, appreciation and evaluation of literary texts. Our success is measured primarily by the fact that we enrol no less than 77 students in the main department of the campus and almost 150 students in our satellite campuses and P G Centre at M A Road every year for our MA programme. The most exhilarating and rewarding result of our commitment and perseverance is the successful job placements of our students as effective teachers in higher education. We have a proud tradition of our students working within and outside the state with great professional success and relentless commitment. That the department has maintained its standard of excellence over the years is ratified by the fact that a fair number of our students have qualified NET/JRF and SLET while some have won admission to research programmes in prestigious universities like JNU, AMU, and Jamia Milia Islamia.


The department including our satellite campuses and PG Centre is a community of compulsive teachers committed to sharing their knowledge and erudition with their scholars and students. As such, the entire faculty has a distinguished research and teaching record. Their friendly and informal approach, needless to say, creates a stimulating environment in their respective departments and helps achieve the proposed academic and professional goals.


Research in the department and satellite campuses spans a wide range of periods in English literature and language from classical to contemporary and in particular revolves around the recent debates on multiculturalism, post colonialism, diaspora studies, post modernism, Marxism, and feminism. With most of our scholars aiming to integrate literary analysis into broader debates on cultural changes and its implications, we are able to create an interdisciplinary learning and research culture in the department. To enhance our reputation for excellence in research, the department runs a regular series of research seminars for the scholars and faculty to engage in constructive debates.


However, the department is aware of the need to constantly update itself with the rapid changes happening in the educational scenario. The role of the department in the emerging concept of knowledge-based society and technology driven world has increased immensely. We need to excel further to produce the required human resources of the highest quality. Our educational policies and pedagogies may have been sufficient previously but definitely needed rethinking to enable us discover the best approach that makes our students effective and relevant learners. As such, the University of Kashmir adopted choice based credit system (CBCS) where students can choose inter-disciplinary, intra-disciplinary and skill-based courses and prepare them for a future that is secure for them all.


Keeping in mind the importance and sensitivity attached to the specificities of the literary traditions of particular nations and regions, the curriculum of the department which has been designed in accordance with CBCS exposes students not only to an exciting range of texts from across the spectrum of English language writing but also to indigenous languages and literatures.

Professor Lily Want
Head Of Department